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Crazy About Claw Machines

This is the claw machine of my dreams.

Yes, we have a new claw machine coming to the Auburn Outlet Collection!

Ever since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with claw machines. I knew which stores had them and I invented reasons for my parents to shop at those stores so I'd have a shot at winning something - anything from that shiny, glittering, box of pure joy. With a pocket full of quarters earned from the chores my siblings refused to do, I could spend hour plunking in quarter after quarter, grabbing the controls, and releasing the claw! There is no better elation than watching that claw descend, then shoot back up with a prize in its clutches!

Who wouldn't want to have their own claw machine?

So that's what I did. I bought a claw machine. But it couldn't be any old claw machine filled with things I don't want to win. It had to be a new kind of claw machine - with an exciting twist.

I filled my first claw machine with the things I love.

I love anime. I love Manga. I love the figurines, the plushes, the Funko Pops and Nendroids. So when Max and I opened up our first business, I knew it would be a claw machine filled with the kind of prizes any true fan would love to find at the end of that claw.

Come experience the excitement of a different kind of claw machine.

Packed with all things anime and manga, we've brought the claw machine to the Auburn Mall, also known as the Seattle Outlet Collection. Don't let the Seattle name fool you. You can find us at 1101 Outlet Collection Way, Auburn, WA 98001. Hope to see you soon!


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Come meet us in person at our next event! If you're not local to the Seattle area, please drop into the chat or shoot a message. We love meeting fellow fans!

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