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Moo? Moo Who?

You are going to love our new mascot.

Oh yes, PopBox Games has a mascot!

Who doesn't love a cute, cuddly mascot to represent their brand. Yes, we know our company logo is a claw machine, but we decided that no one wants to cuddle up with two tons of metal sporting a shiny claw that tries to grab things. But once you see our new mascot, we're sure you'll agree: Moo is everything a mascot should be!

Surprise! Moo is a rabbit, not a claw machine or a cow, but with those adorable cow spots, who could resist naming our rabbit, Moo? While the real Moo is enjoying a feast of greens while playing with her rabbit-mates, we are busying creating an adorable, huggable, stuffed Moo to snuggle and hold. You can find Moo, (the stuffed kind) coming soon in our Claw Machines.


Yes, we've got 'em! Our newest claw machine will be traveling soon to the Auburn Outlet Collection where it will be featured in the Grand Opening of the new location of our friends, Unlock the Con!

Be sure to check our Upcoming Events

As proud sponsors of events at Unlock the Con's new location within the Auburn Outlet Collection. You aren't going to want to miss the voice actors, the merch, and the fun of this monthly event. Think Comic-Con, but without the steep entry fees.

Get a Mooo-ve on! We hope to see you there!

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Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Come meet us in person at our next event! If you're not local to the Seattle area, please drop into the chat or shoot a message. We love meeting fellow fans!

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