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Shhhh. We can't tell you what happened in Vegas.

Was our mission to license new products successful?

If you are part of the anime and manga fan community, you'll want to know.

If you've followed us for awhile, welcome back. If you are new to our site, thanks for showing up just in time for the tea. Max and I just got back from the Licensing Expo 2023 in Las Vegas, and let me say, we are EXCITED.

If you aren't familiar with the Vegas Licensing Expo, it's a convention where all of the big companies in manga, anime, toys, collectibles, television, video games, and others, set up booths so that creative people, like PopBox Games, came come to one place to pitch new merchandising ideas and get the green light on new projects. We were there to pitch a new clothing line, online and board games, plushes, figures and other collectables. The deets are still a secret, but we'll keep you updated with big announcements in the near future.

It's enough to know right now that we are very excited about ideas we want to see in the marketplace.

Got great ideas you'd like us to pitch?

We think fans have the best ideas, and we'd love to hear yours. Got a great video game or board game idea based on a manga or an anime? Do you wish someone would offer a plush, blanket, fuzzy slippers, posters, art, or collectibles that you can't find anywhere else? If it doesn't exist, we'd like to make it.

Want to help build PopBox Games One Fan At A Time?

We rely on you to be able to make new products, but we also need your help connecting with others. Please like an subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter feeds. Who knows, perhaps we might be able to tell you exactly what happened in Vegas.

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Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Come meet us in person at our next event! If you're not local to the Seattle area, please drop into the chat or shoot a message. We love meeting fellow fans!

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